build community, increase ROI

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what's included

Social strategy every quarter.

Daily social media management & social advertising.

Audits, reports & strategy calls every two weeks.

ADD ON: Weekly content creation for all social media needs.

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and increasing demands. As a result, your social media marketing is taking a direct hit. Your ads are not performing as well as they could and your social content doesn’t gain much traction. Finding one person to juggle it all successfully is near impossible and it’s not in the budget to bring on multiple new hires. 

You’re part of a busy team that wears many hats with heavy workloads 

Your Problem:

Lack of time or manpower prevents your team from generating

significant revenue on social media. 

We become an an essential extension to your team and focus solely

Our Solution:

on social media marketing. Our team of experts & experience allow us to develop profitable social strategies, build engaged communities and juggle day to day tasks successfully without the hassle of hiring, training and managing more workers. 

Increase your ROAS with engaging posts & data-driven ad campaigns. 

Detailed reports include benchmark indicators, KPIs and results of every post & ad that went live or ran during the report period.

Allows your team to focus on other areas of marketing entirely.

More cost effective than hiring in house.