How to work remotely during covid-19 & not go crazy

The COVID-19 pandemic didn't disrupt our work lives all that much, since the HEY LOOK! team works remotely year round. However, most of our clients can't say the same for their own teams and some of our more extroverted clients are struggling with feeling stir crazy. For those who are accustomed and enjoy office life, working from home during the pandemic can be a BIG adjustment.

As self-proclaimed telecommuting experts, here are our tips to help make the switch from cubicle to remote work smoother. Don't forget to share this with your team members!

Get dressed/change your clothes. A perk of remote work is working in your PJs whenever you want to. Take it from someone who’s worked alone at home for years. Working in PJs everyday will start to make you feel less human. Don’t make it an everyday habit.

Keep a morning routine. Don’t sleep in and jump to working just because you can. Wake up at the same time and use what would be your commute to exercise, have a sit down breakfast and get ready for the day.

Find a dedicated work space and avoid sitting there while not working. This will help balance your home and work life. Trust me on this. A few days of working in your bed might feel nice. But after awhile, not so much.

If you’re able to, work outside when you can. Drive to a beach, lake or park and work there, parked in your car using your personal hotspot.

If you can’t work outside, make sure you’re opening your curtains and getting sunlight everyday. Take a walk before working or during lunch.

If you're feeling really antsy— take a break, get in your car and go for a drive. Go for a run. FaceTime a family member or friend. Or FaceTime your work bestie for a virtual lunch break.

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